If you want to beat your competition at the marketing game, your business needs a vanity phone number.

Why Your Business Needs a Vanity Number - and How You Can Get One

A phone number is the great equalizer. No matter how much technology shifts and evolves, no matter how fast our smartphones get or how advanced our computers are, there will always be a need for a good, old-fashioned phone call. Many people today, especially in the older generations, prefer talking to another person over typing out messages and waiting for responses. But here’s the problem: those nine digits can be awfully hard to keep track of. Luckily for you, there’s an elegant solution for your business: a one-of-a-kind vanity number.

What is a Vanity Number?

A vanity number is a unique, personalized telephone number that uses digits to spell out a word. Think 800-GoFedEx. That’s a lot easier to remember than 800-463-3339, don’t you think? A vanity number is the perfect boost your business needs to become instantly recognizable.

As you can see, owing to its simplicity, a vanity phone number can help promote your business at many levels. If you’re ready, it’s very easy to select and purchase your own vanity number.

Why Get a Vanity Number?

There are many reasons why your business could use a vanity number. Some of the primary benefits are:

  • It will increase your return on investment manifold.
  • Since it is easy to recall and memorable too, it can be advertised across different media to have a lasting impression on consumers.
  • Incoming calls will increase dramatically. According to Mountain Marketing Group’s study, the response rate can spike up to 30% or more and consumer recall rates improve by up to 84%.
  • It improves brand visibility and increases credibility.
  • It assists greatly in customer feedback. This when coupled with timely delivery of products and services will expand the customer base steadily.
  • It is exclusive, and this gives your business an edge over your business competitors.
  • It is affordable.

How Do I Get a Vanity Number?

We make it simple and easy to get your very own vanity phone number. You can either choose from ready to purchase, simple phone numbers, or create your own word-based phone number. Either option can make your phone number much more memorable, but we recommend creating a word-based number, for maximum memorability. Simply visit our Vanity Number Search Tool, choose between local and toll-free, and follow the steps on the screen to get started.

How Do I Choose the Perfect Vanity Number?

This is the fun part. Using our easy search feature, you can find a local or toll-free number by state, area code, words, letters, or number patterns. We recommend choosing a word that fits your industry.For example, if you run a pest control company, consider 800-PEST-OUT. If you own a gym, maybe choose something like XXX-WORKOUT. Remember, your vanity word can contain even more than seven characters, so you’re not limited to that length. Even if customers continue to dial the extra digits, the call will connect automatically.

What if I Can’t Find the Vanity Number I Want?

If you can’t find a phone number that you are determined to acquire, you may need to change your search criteria or you may need to change the number.

You can always contact our Customer Support Experts for help. Simply send an email to email to [email protected] and an Expert will be with you shortly to answer your questions and assist with your vanity number selection and purchase.

How Do I Get My Vanity Number After I Purchase it?

As soon as you complete the checkout process, you own your new vanity number. We will send you an email with all the information you need, including the account credentials and transfer instructions. You can then call your carrier to begin the transfer process, which is known as porting.

From there, the process is a little different depending on which mobile or VoIP service provider you're using. Porting a number to a mobile phone carrier is typically the easiest – and fastest – method. Porting to a VoIP or landline may require a form from your phone provider but that is not always the case. If you need assistance with the porting process, we are here to help you.

How Long Does it Take to Port My Vanity Number to My Phone?

It can take anywhere from three to 30 days. Most wireless numbers can be ported within three business days, but landlines typically take seven business days from major carriers as up to 20 business days from some smaller carriers.

Now That I Have My Vanity Number, What’s Next?

Once you’ve chosen and purchased your unique phone number, it’s time to reap the benefits. Because it is easy to remember, your vanity number lends itself perfectly to your marketing and branding initiatives.

Take advantage of any method you can think of to get your phone number out there, and wait as the calls start flooding in. Consider putting up flyers in coffee shops, taking out a newspaper or magazine ad, making a TV commercial, creating social media marketing campaigns, or even painting your new number on the side of a truck!

Remember, people are much more likely to remember your phone number now, so make your new number a prominent feature in your advertising and marketing campaigns, then watch your business grow before your eyes. Studies have shown that vanity numbers can increase call volumes by 25 to 50 percent, giving you more opportunities to make sales.

Remember, each unique vanity number can only be used by one business, so visit our Vanity Phone Number Search Tool now, and make sure you get your business-boosting vanity number before it’s gone!


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